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French campsite uses LT40 to cut the timber for treehouse

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

French campsite uses LT40 to cut the timber for treehouse

Eva, Jeroen and Duijndam Westra from St Laurent de Cerdans in Southern France used their LT40 sawmill to cut the timber they needed to build a treehouse for visitors to their rural campsite.

Project Dimensions: 49 square metres

Timber species used to build the project: Chestnut, aspen and oak

Why did you build this project?
This was a project we wanted to do for a long time because we have trees big enough to support a treehouse.

How did you design it?
First, we made a drawing of the basic layout. But only after the initial construction could we finish the plan, because before it was too complicated to plan it out ahead of time.

How did you build it?
After doing the drawings and a year before we began construction, in the winter evenings we waited for a good moon and then cut the trees we needed. The next early autumn, we built the scaffolding around the tree chosen for the house and marked the trunk. At this point, we compared the drawings with reality and a few days later the LT40 sawmill began making the stacks of beams, rafters and planks sufficient for the first the platform, which was built in 6 weeks.

Then winter came and we took a two month break. During spring and the beginning of summer, we devoted time little by little to continue construction, and 98% of the wood used came from the mobile sawmill.

Why is a sawmill useful for building projects?
For us, the economic savings of being able to work with our own wood is of course the primary advantage, but we can easily do any size at any time with the hydraulic sawmill. To work with species that are already on site even though we are located very far from the inhabited world, are points that are also very important.

Do you use your mill for commercial purposes?
Yes. We are forest owners, farmers, woodworkers and we have a tourist camp.

Has the sawmill been a good investment? Great!

For more information: www.solane.info

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