Italian journalist visits Wood-Mizer Europe

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Italian journalist visits Wood-Mizer Europe

By Martina Valentini
Ben Pike, a UK agricultural journalist and PR specialist and I were recently guests for three days at Wood-Mizer Europe headquarters in Poland. There we spent three interesting days as we took advantage of the opportunity to learn about and better understand the managerial and production dynamics required for the world leader in portable sawmills.

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Located in the small town of Kolo in Poland, the company annually produces 2000 units and 5 million linear meters of blades. Wood-Mizer is easily the leading manufacturer of portable sawmills, and due to the quality of the products, and their ongoing release of new and improved products, they have produced and sold over 60,000 machines worldwide.

Their products range from smaller sawmills, that are easy-to-use and affordable and preferred mainly by small farmers. Their largest sawmill are used by sawmills that operate on an industrial scale to ensure quality and efficiency for their clients. The company is made up of many young people, and their marketing department maintain a total of 89 international websites, and conduct their day-to-day marketing activities in 23 languages.

We spent three days of intensive training and study on their products and marketing strategies. The time was a great opportunity to compare our different markets and product positioning strategies, as well as the communication opportunities for specific territories.

Regarding their unique company, I was most impressed to see so many women in managerial positions, in an industry that is most often associated exclusively with men. Recently, I was fortunate to be featured in an article in La Repubblica about how women are the rising champions of promoting wood as a environmentally sustainable resource. 

It’s appropriate to say that pink is the new green! 



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