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The heavy-duty HR1000 delivers industrial level resawing capability in a compact, flexible format to meet various layouts and needs. Choose from one to six heads on this industrial resaw with potential to produce up to six boards and one slab with one pass. 

The HR1000 processes material 300 mm wide by 300 mm high at feed speeds up to 33 m per minute. The steel belt conveyor is durable and hydraulically-powered spiked steel rollers ensure stable, accurate sawing. The resaw heads are raised or lowered simply by rotating a hand crank. Blade lubrication and hydraulic blade tension are centrally located to increase productivity and ease of access. A blade breakage sensor automatically stops the machine if a blade breaks.

Merry-Go-Round System

An optional automatic Cant Return (merry-go-round) system can be installed for feeding uncut cants back through the resaw. Cut lumber is transferred straight off the conveyor for stacking, and the unfinished cant is circulated back into the resaw automatically until it is fully cut into boards.


Cant capacity

Cant Capacity 
300 mm x 300 mm cant capacity.

Compact Configuration

Compact Configuration 
Start with one head and extend to up six heads total.

Steel Conveyor Belt

Steel Conveyor Belt 
More durable than rubber belts for long term use.

Spiked Rollers

Powered Spiked Rollers
Designed to hold-down short cants and cants with internal tension firmly to the conveyor.

Centralised Blade Tension

Centralised Blade Tension and Lubrication
Centralised blade tension and lubrication for all heads in one location.

Manual up & down

Manual screw up/down
Easily adjust head heights.

HR1000 video


 Standard 11 kW
 Options 15 kW
Cutting Capacity
 Min. Cant width 25 mm
 Max. Cant width 300 mm
 Max. Material width
 - with MGR system
200 mm
 Min. Cant height 6 mm
 Max. Cant height 300 mm
 Min. Material length 710 mm
 Max. Material length Unlimited
 Max. Length
 - with MGR system
2.40 m
 Min. Cutting height 6 mm
 Max. Cutting height 300 mm
Resaw Features & Options
 Standard Steel track conveyor
Powered hold-down rollers
Blade breakage sensor
Centralised blade lubrication
Centralised Blade tension
 Options Merry-go-round (MGR)
 - cant return system
 Belt speed 0-30 m/min
 Length 5200 mm
 Width 32-38 mm
 Blade Wheel diameter 863 mm
 Blade wheel material Belted cast steel
Resaw Dimensions & Requirements
 Length 4.20 m
 - with MGR system
9.60 m
 Width 2.80 m
 - with MGR system
3.10 m
 Height (covers opened) 2.90 m
 Table height 0.90 m
 Shop air pressure 80-125 psi
 Air volume 142 l/min
 Hydraulic System
 Motor 3 kW 400 v / 50 Hz
 Pump 15 LPM
 Normal power usage 1-head 35 Amp
2 heads 63 Amp
With 2nd module
 Length 5.10 m
 Length with MGR  system 11.10 m
 Normal power usage 3-heads 90 Amp
4-heads 120 Amp
With 3rd module
 Length 7.10 m
 Length with MGR  system 12.50 m
 Normal power usage 5-heads 150 Amp
6-heads 180 Amp

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