H410 2-sided planer / moulder

The ultimate in final processing flexibility!

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The ultimate multifaceted workshop companion! Combine different options and the H410 gives you the functionality of many different machines. With unmatched flexibility for customization, the H410 is a compact and versatile machine with many advantages for personal and business workshop use.

Main features

Central control panel of moulder/planer

Central control panel

Easy-to-change knife profiles

Easy-to-change knife profiles



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Central control panel

Easy to adjust




• Large capacity!

• 2-in-1 for thicknessing and two-sided moulding in an enclosed model

• 3 separate motors


• Planing and moulding knives

• Planer blades HSS or HM 410 mm

• Indexable blades

• H410 base wheel kit (for portability in the workshop)

• Wedges for profile blades

• Table Extensions

• 4-blade horizontal cutter

• Pro model with planetary gear for stepless feeding between 2 - 12 m/min

• Indexable blades with holder


Length x Width: 1000 mm x 840 mm

Height: 1230 mm

Weight: 225 kg


Planer width 310 mm
Planer table length 1400 mm
Planer fence
152 x 1100 mm
Width 410 mm
Height 230 mm
Table length 1270 mm
Chip thickness 6 mm
Moulding Height 100 mm
Moulding Width 310 mm
Horizontal profile depth Max 20 mm
Horizontal cutter 72 mm
Feed Rolls 31 mm
Feed Speed 5 m/min
Spindle diameter
Vertical moulder 30mm
Tool diameter
Vertical moulder 140 mm
Planer motor 3-phase 3 kW (4 HP)
Vertical moulder motor
3-phase 3 kW (4 HP)
Spindle speed 5600 rpm
Feeding motor 3-phase 0,18 kW (0,25 HP)

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