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American Sawmiller uses his own trees to build a research barn

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

American Sawmiller uses his own trees to build a research barn

With available timber needing to be harvested on the farm but no way to process it himself, Ben hired local sawyer David Johnson of Grafted Branch Timber Framing for the project. The result is a stunning 3-story monitor barn framed entirely from timber sustainably harvested within the farm. “Looking back, there were a lot of long working days to finish the project,” said David. With his LT40 Hydraulic sawmill equipped with BiMETAL blades, David milled 30,000 board feet of white and red pine for the barn’s structural framing. 

Built in traditional timber frame style with mortise and tenon joinery, David had a complete framing crew that assisted with the foundation, bent raising, and roofing. David said his sawmill’s portability, speed, and the ability to handle the size of material needed were all key components to completing the framing in just 10 weeks. An added bonus was that the barn was completed in time so that Ben and his wife were able to be married inside the spectacular structure. 

Throughout the next few months, siding, flooring and other finishing touches were added to the barn until it was completed. Ben estimates a savings of $25,000 on the materials by harvesting timber from the farm and contracting David to mill and build the 40’ x 72’ monitor barn. Ben said everyone loves the new research center and is inspired by David and his team’s accomplishment. “I am incredibly satisfied to see the barn completed,” said Ben.



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