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Dutch farmer uses LT15 sawmill to build a new barn

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dutch farmer uses LT15 sawmill to build a new barn

Floris Verbon in Oudemolen, Netherlands has a small hobby farm. What is unusual about his farm is that his passion is for people who would like to get outside and get to do physical activities in nature and with animals, but normally cannot. His farm allows people with physical and mental disabilities to enjoy the outdoors, do activities together “in a pleasant environment and relaxed atmosphere.”

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After 30 years of working with people who had mental disabilities, Mr. Verbon recognized the benefits that a farm naturally provided – peace, nature, and hands-on activity.

Mr. Verbon decided that they needed to construct a new barn in order to store machinery and to have a place where work and projects could be done indoors. After planning the design with an architect, he used his Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill to cut the oak beams and all the exterior cladding for the project, which covers 300 square metres.

48 large oak beams were cut with the sawmill, and the exterior cladding boards (200 x 22 mm) were cut with the sawmill.

“Because of the sawmill, it was possible for the people to be involved in the building of the barn,” Floris shared. “We built the barn ‘around the sawmill’!”

Floris entered the barn into Wood-Mizer’s 2015 My Project contest, and won third place in the ‘Buildings’ category!

For more information on Mr. Verbon’s farm, visit: www.zorgboerderijoudemolen.nl  



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