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Friday, August 3, 2018

Watch This Before Buying a Sawmill - SWEDISH HOMESTEAD

Simeon and his father are experts at operating their fifteen-year old LT40 Hydraulic sawmill. “We want to demonstrate how to mill a log from beginning to end on the bandsaw mill, and give you a feel for it,” Simeon says. With one log, Simeon’s father demonstrates his best techniques for milling lumber.


Using hydraulic loading arms, Helmut lifts the log onto the sawmill beg. The hydraulic clamp secures the log into place as Helmut positions the log with a hydraulic log turner. Measuring exactly where he wants the blade to cut, Helmut engages the blade and moves the sawmill forward from the control panel. He follows the sawhead as it cuts through the wood, giving it a clean, fresh cut with the blade.


Simeon takes the cut piece of lumber and adds it to the pile, while Helmut begins the second cut. Sawdust piles up on the ground, but could be connected to a sawdust collection system if required. Turning the log using the hydraulic components, Helmut makes several more cuts until the a four-sided cant is formed. Helmut is able to work quickly and efficiently since he doesn’t have the hassle of manually loading or turning logs.


From the cant, he is able to make about four boards. After cutting the boards, Helmut takes previously cut timber and cleans up the edges with his mill. Placing three boards onto the mill, he cuts them all at one time, trimming them so that they are clean and even.

Swedish Homestead follows a three-generation, German-American family as they build their lives on a large farm in the heart of the Swedish countryside. In 2002, Helmut and Susanne Fuchs relocated from Germany to fulfill their lifelong dream of purchasing and maintaining a farm. Eventually, their seven children began to share the same passion and now continue the legacy. The Swedish Homestead Channel shares helpful tips, heartwarming stories, generational wisdom, and more for truly living life "on the farm."

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/swedishhomestead

YouTube Page: www.youtube.com/channel/UC7GkLSNBmds1DZit_oHk-Fg

Shared with permission from Swedish Homestead.



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