Wood-Mizer integrates new product lines & product acquisitions

Monday, March 26, 2018

Wood-Mizer integrates new product lines & product acquisitions

With several new product lines from product acquisitions plus new internally-developed product lines, Wood-Mizer has adopted a consistent appearance and a focus on more global availability of products.

Wood-Mizer’s recent product range expansions:

New Planer/Moulders available from Wood-Mizer

In order to bring brand consistency across the various product lines and set the stage for further growth, Wood-Mizer has standardized all woodworking equipment colours to an orange, grey, and black colour palette. Equipment that was previously offered in other colours will now be produced in the updated colours.
LT15 and the WM1000 sawmills side-by-side

Wood-Mizer President and CEO, Richard Vivers, explained, “Compared to five or ten years ago, Wood-Mizer has grown dramatically in our product range and our geographic distribution of products. Customers have made it clear to us what they need, and we’re doing our best to provide those products with the quality and service they have come to expect from us.”

Wood-Mizer TOOLS

“One of the most exciting things for me during my career with Wood-Mizer has been the diversity of people that use our products and the diversity of businesses that they are used in.” Mr. Vivers shares. “And now whether our products are seen in the workshop, in the forest, or in a high-throughput sawmilling environment – people will know they are Wood-Mizers!”

Press photos:

LX450 Twin-Rail Sawmill

"Smart Log Processing" SLP2 line

Wood-Mizer TITAN log processing line.



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