Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wood-Mizer Open House Report – Linlithgow, Scotland

“We’re at our Scottish Open Days near Linlithgow,” shared Keith Threadgall, Wood-Mizer’s sales and service agent in Scotland. “The customer hosting the event is Sandy Crook, who used to be a Tree Surgeon and still does tree surgery and has a WM1000 and a LT40 sawmill. From his tree surgery work he had collected a lot of timber, and he wanted to start milling them himself to sell on to furniture makers and start making a bit of furniture himself.”

Sandy’s workshop just outside of Linlithgow was ideal for the event. Dave Biggs, Wood-Mizer’s UK Branch manager, and Keith Threadgall were both on hand to talk to visitors and answer their sawmilling related questions. Hot soup, coffee, tea contributed to creating a welcoming environment, and three tables of literature added to the information readily available. 

The following sawmills were demonstrated for the attendees:

  -  WM1000 large capacity sawmill (up to 1.7 m diameter logs)
  -  LT15 hobbyist/farmer sawmill
  -  LT20 mobile sawmill
  -  LT40 mobile sawmill

Although the obvious favourite was the gigantic WM1000 (with several prospective buyers visiting), most visitors to the event were looking at the mobile and hobbyist models as possibilities for getting started with their own sawmilling venture. Many got to get hands-on with the sawmills and cut a few boards themselves.

Over the course of the two day event, close to one hundred people attended. Wood-Mizer is hosting another Open House in Cumbria 23-24 June, where two new sawmills will debut in the UK for the very first time – the LX450 twin rail sawmill, and the WB2000 wideband sawmill from Wood-Mizer’s TITAN new wideband processing equipment range. Visit for details.



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